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Bridging The Gap

The gap in our education system is very much present and evident. Theoretical knowledge and practical application have a great rift that hold no bridge between them. In addition to this, students aren’t usually given any guidance about off-campus job applications. Sending out a job application is a crucial task. And yet, the majority of our youth doesn’t know the key aspects of sending one — here is where we come in. We have carefully curated elaborately intricate content involving every aspect of applications that one might need to know. The content you can expect from us:

Companies and their business model

Sections of this blog contribute to providing you with enough information about the company that you are looking at with the prospect of sending an application. Each company is separately covered where we get to you a concise summary of the company and its details in all areas of working. The company descriptions provide you with a general description, revenue model, working model of the company, important aspects of the functioning (if any to be mentioned other than the models), and often, the working technology used in the company’s architecture.
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Writing Email/Cover Letter

The most important aspect of sending an application to a company is the cover letter and the resume you put forth. It is a materialistic representation of you before you get to meet the hiring personnel of the company. So obviously, making an impression is important. This website is here to help you curate the best resume from the experience you have gathered.
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LinkedIn for Jobs & Career guidance

LinkedIn has been the epitome of professional networking and yet seldom do people know how to get the most of it. Navigating through and using in-built LinkedIn features comprise this section of the content provided by us. It also gives out tips and tricks to maximize your chances of actually bagging a job.
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Industry Trends

Having knowledge about different industries helps in better Job | Professional Grooming & Improve Value Proposition. Let’s leverage this webinar to stay updated with trending industries for better career ahead.
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Why Choose Us

Webinar — Your Go-to Guide

Our webinars are designed carefully to solve all possible problems that you might face while bringing the opportunity to interact through the session. Booking a webinar session is appreciated to get an in-depth knowledge about the same and having the opportunity to be guided personally.

This platform is here to rid you of any conundrum you might have about companies and job applications by filling the gap left by our system, something which we are passionate about. We hope this well-planned content will help you through the difficult pathway of opportunities.

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