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Digital Marketing is a skill that has become commonly needed in this day and age. But gaining the proper knowledge of the same is still a problematic task.

There are multiple online and offline courses available for digital marketing. These include both paid and unpaid ones, but none of these can provide you with enough knowledge that is needed for you to confidently say that: YES! I can do digital marketing effectively and YES! I am a DM expert. This dynamic nature of digital marketing has created a need for an equally dynamic and fresh approach to understanding the subject.

The writer, in the wake of a similar challenge, created this blog: a place of learning for all that aspired to gain knowledge of the subject.

The Creator

Mr. Jatin Srivastava: A blogger in Digital Marketing by passion created this blog.

Experience from the Failed Strategies of Learning

One day I explored this field on my own and I visited various Digital Marketing Training Institute Websites to download their Syllabus for Digital Marketing and SEO.

Once I had the syllabus, the next step was to search for each topic on the internet for self-learning purposes. But again, there was a problem as I could not figure out which website to follow for a particular topic: should I go for Moz.com? Neil Patel blog? Or Search Engine Journal?

It was hard to pick one because all the websites had their own content and all of them were equally qualitative and comprehensive to provide knowledge.

And that’s when it hit me: I figure out the best way to learn something new is to Learn and Implement.
This is what I did:

  • I Explored various topics of the Syllabus I initially downloaded
  • I Wrote what I have learned and thus created my own website
  • And Implemented various On-Page and Off-Page techniques on the website

I expect from my readers while learning Digital Marketing from this blog ‘Learn and implement it’ and give me feedback on how I may make further additions or improvement in my content. This will make it more comprehensive and user-friendly as improvement never stops, and neither does learning.”

Our CORE Value

Let’s read the below section to figure what are the factors that differentiate us from others

Time Management SEO

Time Management

In Paid Training Institute it becomes hard to juggle your time with many things at once but during this course you can learn anytime as per your convenience

Our Vision SEO


My vision behind creating this Website is to spread my knowledge and to enhance it with your feedback



Our Mission is providing free SEO Training is to achieve a milestone of teaching and making millions of students Digital Marketing Experts



We are offering you a suitable career in Digital Marketing

Intellectual Curiosity

Intellectual Curosity

We blend performance with experience to bring the best out from our students



We focus on high quality output and commitment of words

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