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Onlineseoblog has been, since its advent, working as a bridge between employers and potential employees, limiting the scope for error by elucidating every possible question.

Why, Onlineseoblog?

Often newly graduated people find themselves lost amongst tons of companies. The fear of having their resumes buried deep in the ever-growing pile of applications mostly paralysis them, which we are here to tackle. Not knowing what to apply to and how to get about it is also a huge problem that everyone faces, with the ever-changing trends in the industry. We here, at Onlineseoblog, help you find the way by providing you with multiple services.

  1. All about those companies

Sections of this blog contribute to providing you with enough information about the company that you are looking at with the prospect of sending an application.

Each company is separately covered where we get to you a concise summary of the company and its details in all areas of working. The company descriptions provide you with a general description, revenue model, working model of the company, important aspects of the functioning (if any to be mentioned other than the models), and often, the working technology used in the company’s architecture.

We have carefully compiled all of this information for you to give confident and accurate answers to the age-old interview question — “what do you know about the company?”

  1. Cover letter and resume enhancement

The most important aspect of sending an application to a company is the cover letter and the resume you put forth. It is a materialistic representation of you before you get to meet the hiring personnel of the company. So obviously, making an impression is important.

This blog helps you curate the best possible resume from the experience you have gathered.

  1. Vacancy scouting and applications

Understanding the methodology of sending out applications has been a constant problem. We have cracked it.

We have covered the topic of understanding the type of job opportunities that one must apply for in relevance to their resume. The roles and responsibilities that the company offers are key to applications and hence it is extremely important to in our videos and articles.

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In addition to that, sending out applications on appropriate platforms efficiently has been laid out in an easy-to-grasp channel, which we hope you enjoy.

  1. Content Writing

Content writing is the new boon. With the need for well-written and displayable content, there has been a rise in the requirement of content writers everywhere, regardless of the domain.

We here provide you with the skills you will need to be the writer that everyone needs. The writing tips and tricks also give you knacks to get out of tight spots when stuck while writing.

  1. SEO Abilities

A detailed and graphical description dedicated to SEO abilities has been our top used resources. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the changes you make in your website and its content to increase traction. Isn’t that what we all want? Traffic on the website? Well, this segment of our website is dedicated to SEO analysis so that one can learn every possible bit of information. We cover this over multiple sections:

ü SEO and website management

This segment walks you through the procedure of creating and managing a website. We introduce you to the idea of SEO in website by giving you a peek.

ü Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a montage of SEO trivia where we take you through SEO related holistic topics. You can incorporate these into your website for better traction.

ü Website SEO audit

Much like every other procedure follows technical rules, your website must also follow some regulations. Ticking off some factors in the SEO audit list will definitely generate more hits and traffic on your website and we provide you with the same for a sure-shot success for you.

  1. Website creation

To top it all off, what better way to help than to give you something that ties it all together.

Website creation is no easy task, and that’s why we bring you a concise course to give you every detail possible to bring the best website creator in you.

This blog is an educational shrine of all things website, which we are very passionate about as well as a helpful guide to all freshers who are on the lookout for jobs. We aim to connect people with particular skills and interests to the correct job opportunity while teaching fellow website enthusiasts a thing or two to help them grow.

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