Avoid Stop words with Keywords

In today’s article “Avoid Stop Words” we will discuss its negative impact on your SEO score and will suggest some ways to overcome the loss. 

Avoid Stop words to build effective Title and Heading Tag:

Everyone wants to bring their website at the top search result, they hire a content writer to write content for their page and hire an SEO consultancy company for optimizing their website to bring it at higher search result.

But still, they are not able to beat their competitor in search result ranking because of poor implementation of keywords in their Content and Meta Tags.

By poor implementation, I don’t mean the keywords are not relevant but how they implement the same is the problem, you must know how to perfectly use the keywords especially in your Heading Title.

In this article, we will list up the Stop Words which we should not use in our Title, Heading & URL

What is meant by Stop Words

Some of the Stop Words: A – Be – In – And – Me – Of – On.

Basically, these are the words at which  Google pay no attention while ranking your website for a keyword. Including them with your keywords is basically reducing its importance (diluting keyword).

Hence, it is highly recommended to emphasize not including stop words in your keywords because Google gives you rank based on the high-quality keywords that you have researched from Google Keyword Planner, MOZ or any other tool. 

Keep in mind these stop words are filtered down by search engines and hold no value at all when used with keywords, moreover, they dilute the value of keywords in the title and heading tags

Tips to avoid stop words
Avoid Stop Words in URL

More About Stop Words:

1. Understand when to use it:

Let’s take an example here: I want to search for Best SEO Blog

User Query could be: Best SEO Blog or Free SEO Learning Blog or Free online SEO training

By analyzing this query, we can conclude that user never enters any stop word in his query and the same we should be also following while setting up our Title and Heading such that it should get completely mapped with the user query which will get our website on the higher rank.

2. Don't use it in the following:

  • Anchor Text
  • Meta Tags
  • Heading
  • Links

Other than keyword you can use these stop words in your content, keeping in mind that the content you are publishing is for the user and not for the search engine.

But try not to add any stop words before or after your keyword in the content.

3. Will it dilute your ranking

Yes, the use of stop words especially in your Title, Heading and URL dilute your ranking in the search results.

What if a website ranking at top search result uses stop words?

It may be lying at top search count because it already has a good number of visitors on its website from different sources.

It may be because of their content quality because stop words in not the only factor which decide your ranking.

But if you have just started building your website then I will suggest you not to include stop words with your keywords.

4. Minimizing Usage of them:

You cannot complete an article without the use of stop words. The article will become meaningless if you do not use stop words.

So, you can simply avoid using stop words mainly with your keywords and rest to support the content you can fit any stop word as per the requirement.

Because at the end of the day you are writing for users, not for the search engine.

Avoid using stop words
Example Stop Words Sentences


Using stop words in the content will not affect your website rank but using it with the keywords will dilute your keyword value and hence will reduce your website rank.

So, use stop words wisely. Also, do not overemphasize on your keywords because it will lead to keyword stuffing.

Always keep in mind you are writing to provide information to the user, not to the search engine.

Quick Examples:

Example Of Stop Word Used In URL
Here are the examples of the URL with stop words used in the URL of the content:
1. www.domainname.com/what-are-the-designing-techniques-required-for
2. www.domainname.com/this-is-how-not-how-to-have-a-website-structure

Well, the correct one should be as follows:
1. www.domainname.com/advanced-designing-techniques
2. www.domainname.com/perfect-website-structure

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Avoid Stop words with Keywords
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Avoid Stop words with Keywords
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