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Black Hat SEO

Stop Spamming: Avoid Black Hat SEO

Whenever you are doing any work it must be done under some pre-defined rules and regulations. If those rules are not followed then there would be an associated penalty with it.

Likewise in SEO while doing any promotional task of your website to bring it to the top rank of search engine result, certain rules have been established by search engines that must be followed to achieve the objective. But there are some people who do not follow these rules and in addition to this, they adopt some wrong means to give their website a boost in the search engine result page which includes duplicate content, cloaking, hidden text etc. These entire topics have been discussed in detail in the coming section.

What is Black Hat SEO and why should I avoid it?

Black Hat SEO: The main focus of this technique is to bring the website at higher rank by violating the search engine guidelines. An SEO expert never uses these techniques and you should also make a note of this and avoid using them otherwise if search engine came to know that you are fooling them by using black hat SEO technique then they will spam you out from their search results.

Black Hat SEO Methods
Black Hat SEO Techniques

Techniques of Black Hat SEO

Unrelated keywords:

Always focus on users need while creating your content. If you satisfied user needs via your content then the search engine will automatically bring you at a higher rank. Never use unrelated keywords in your content to bring traffic because at the end it will increase the bounce rate and ultimately will decrease your ranking

Keyword Stuffing:

Always write content by focusing on solving user queries in the form of providing information. Try not to only focus on keywords rather than providing information. Using excessive keywords may lead search engine thinks that you have a spam website and may block you out. Use tools like iwebchk, smallseotools to have a check on the density of keywords Vs content.

Hidden Text and Hidden Link:

Nowadays search engine is regularly updating their algorithms and strictness towards spammers so any unusual practice like hiding text (keywords) by making their color same as background or not inserting obvious links will ban your website.


It is a technique through which the user shows crawler a different version of their website and user a different version. We must provide the user with the actual content for which we have ranked high on the search engine result page.

Doorway Pages:

This is a technique through which we redirect the user to a different website when they came to a specific landing page by the content description. We must provide the user with a website rich in content with no bad links.

Page Swapping:

Creating a website with a specific content and after getting it ranked high changing the content of the website completely falls under Page Swapping. Again at the end, it will increase the bounce rate of your website and the search engine may think that you are providing irrelevant information forcing them to outrank your website.

Duplicate Content:

Getting an idea from someone’s website or copying it entirely is a different thing. Never copy a content from website always check for Plagiarism before updating the content of your website to avoid duplicity

Spam Comments:

Always make constructive and meaningful comments if you are seeking inbound links from a blog post. Also, do not start leaving your website URL on every blog or website it will lower down your page rank. Always leave a link to your website along with a quality content

Link Farms:

Getting backlinks from the unrelated website or paid backlinks is also considered as black hat SEO technique

Domain Squatting:

Registering your domain similar to the one ranking high on search result page lead to a black hat SEO technique. Every domain name should focus on keywords and should be an easy to remember domain name

In the above pints I have tried to cover all the parameters that lead to black hat SEO. It would by my keen advice to you people not to include any of the above technique in your website to make it rank higher because this will on long run may lead to website blackout.

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