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Blog vs Article Submission in SEO

Introduction to Blog & Article Submission

What is Blog Submission

Blog submission is one of the most important tools of SEO. It is a mini website of your actual Organization. We can use everything like content, image, menu bar, a map of the organization in blog submission.

What you can write: You can write short about your already present content, post-add-on topics link the technical terms to your website, you can also write about most innovative techniques for SEO (if you own an SEO write-up blog) or any other related things

Trick: You can take help of article submission websites to have ready-made material, check for plagiarism and upload in your blog with some modification.

Some of top blog submission websites are:

  1. WordPress.com
  2. Livejournal.com
  3. Blogspot.in

Blog submission could be a great tool to earn quality does follow backlink for your website.

How Blog helps in earning traffic:

For example, you have a website where you provide web development or any other IT support service. Doing it off-page SEO via classified ads, forum posting etc. will only give you No Follow link which Google never crawl.

Writing blog about your services over blogging platform like BlogSpot will surely help you in earning quality do follow backlink which will help you to maintain a proper ratio between no follow and do follow links.

Blog Vs Article Submission
Blog Vs Article Submission

What is Article Submission:

Article submission is also one of the most important tools of SEO.

We explain a particular topic in at least four hundred words which must be unique. While writing articles one must maintain the complete accuracy of data provided and should avoid copying the material from the internet. 

A unique article about a trending topic will certainly give a boost to your overall SEO ranking. 

How to do article submission:

  • Get a list of article submission websites
  • Lets’s pick ezinearticles.com as an example website
  • Open the website and hit Register/Join
  • Fill the required form
  • Click submit a new article, fill the required filed within the restrictions, category, body, keywords, resource box: call to action feed
  • Stats can be checked under the performance tab.

Imp: Your level (rating) keep on increasing depending on your number of articles

The similar approach can be adapted for other websites to submit the article and hence generating quality do follow links. 

Difference between Blog and Article Writing:

A blog is an informal way of sharing information over the internet. The information could be in the form of an image, video, infographics etc.

An Article is a formal way of sharing information which is published after full research about the topic. The information may contain images, video etc. to support our article and we also give references to support our write-up.


  • contain images, videos
  • Both are informatics doc


  • A blog is an informal way of writing whereas Article writing is a formal way of representing things
  • We can hold a discussion on blog + short information + information can be divided into parts to increase the number of topics
  • Complete package of information is an article which includes references as well

References are the website from where we have taken the information. For example, see any post on Wikipedia they always include references in the last. 

So, this is all about Article and Blog Submission in SEO

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