In the last section, we covered various topics revolving around “Search Engine Optimization” which is one of the elements for ranking the website. The other one is “Content Writing and Management”. In the upcoming lectures, we will focus on “Content Yoast SEO Readability Analysis” to build a strong website with a beautiful content. 

Major Topics Yoast SEO Readability Analysis

In today’s article, we will learn about Yoast SEO Readability Analysis, its definition, Need and it’s meaning.

There is a saying that goes, “nice guys finish last”. Well, the time is finally here. Google, through multiple updates, is coming closer and closer to mimic human understanding of website content.

Underhanded tricks no longer work and only those contents which genuinely helps users in gaining knowledge are the ones getting ranked high. Yes, this means the content quality is the foremost thing that matters for websites.

Quality here doesn’t mean using difficult words or expressions that look ‘classy’. The content needs to be accessible and understandable by maximum people. All the major blogs out there, support a similar practice. I expressly direct the newcomers to write content that maximum people can learn from.

This is where readability comes into play.

What is Yoast SEO Readability?

As stated above, readability is making your text understandable by maximum people. This becomes more necessary when your targeted audience isn’t a specialized group of professionals like doctors, lawyers, scientists.

Marketing your audience becomes necessary to get ranked higher.     

While aesthetics are important, reading ultimately boils down to how the words are used in the text.

What Makes up better Readability?

Yoast SEO Readability Analysis differs with writing styles and audiences intended for. But the following factors are essential to make the text more readable:

  • Avoid Long Sentences:

Long sentences drain the energy of readers. Sometimes they may be unavoidable, but always try to keep your sentences near to 20 words.

Short sentences look weird and long sentences are a pain to read. What we need is a natural flow.

Yoast SEO Readability
Parameters for Better Readability Score
  • Simpler Words:

Unless you are writing specialized content, use words that are more commonly used. Harder words might make you look good, but they will make your website look bad. You need to vary your word usage but all of your text should be easy to understand.

  • Transition words:

These words create a connection between sentences. They make reading a paragraph in a flow as easy as a breeze. They also connect expressions that otherwise would just look odd.

  • Active voice to be preferred:

Active voice sentences are automatically shorter and easier to understand. They strengthen sentences than passive voice. Another benefit is that it makes your sentences clearer what is the subject being referred to, which is just mushy in a passive voice.

  • Scannable layout

It means good use of subheadings, lists, bolding, and more. It requires multiple breaks and headings in the content to make sure it is easy to know where the reader is and what is relevant for them. The points that make this happen are

  • Ordered and Unordered Lists: Lists make understanding points easy
  • Header Tags for Headings and Titles, in bold font: They tell you what the paragraphs are about. Using all type of “H” tags from H1-H6 is encouraged here.
  • Paragraphs instead of a single chunk of words: The paragraphs are easier to read in bursts. If they are topic specific then people know that the information, they are reading is related to the current topic or not.
  • Fonts and alignment: Reading from a screen already is hard. Let’s try to make it a little easy for the readers.
  • Spacing to let the words breathe: Such scaling will let the readers looking for specific information find it easily. Others will just know what they are actually reading about.

The Need for Yoast SEO Readability Analysis:

Let’s assume you want to read about macaroons. But you know nothing about them. The first webpage you go to directly talks about the moisture differences and types of eggs and whatnot, and this information isn’t even arranged in a manner in which it is easily readable. The whole thing is in one big paragraph. Now even if the information is written by someone like Gordon Ramsay (a world-renowned chef), you will prefer other websites with neatly arranged information over this one.

Similarly, your website needs to appeal to the readers and make it easier for them to read from the screen.

Making your text readable has never been easier. With multiple tools to analyze your content and highlight problems, you can know the scores of your text and improve upon it.

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