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What is Forum Posting

Forum Posting and Submission

This is a platform where a group of people holds a discussion on a particular topic. Let’s understand the meaning of term Forum Posting before moving in-depth into the article.

Forum: A place or medium where ideas are exchanges which helps in knowledge expansion

Posting: It can be considered as pasting your ideas on the forum

Collectively we can say that Forum Posting is a way through which we post/comment our suggestions/ ideas/views on various forum posting websites available over the internet.

Once you created your account on any forum posting website and posted your views on any post, always be an active member of that forum and interact with others to earn likes and upvote on your post.

Some website does not give backlinks instantly but some do give you an instant backlink.

What happens, sometimes a website does not give you an option to post your link, then this code [URL=”http://domainname.com/”]Anchor text here[/URL] will help you to hyperlink your keyword to earn a backlink.

Forum Submission and commenting
Forum Posting

Best strategy for forum posting:

  1. To pick the question which has less number of answers and is relevant to the target URL
  2. Do not spam by reposting your comment
  3. Provide In-depth solutions
  4. Ask Questions
  5. Be active in the forum and answer maximum questions

For Eg. Quora a well known Forum Posting website where we can answer user’s question and can generate quality backlink (quality backlink here means we will be picking the question which is relevant to our website such that the link which we provide there should force the user to click on it to get more knowledge)

Note: Some forum give backlink at first post, some ask you to keep on post 200 – 300 then they will give you backlink

Importance of Forum Posting

  1. It helps in generating Quality Backlinks
  2. Forum posting website get crawled very fast
  3. It helps in knowledge sharing and expansion
  4. Targeted traffic get increase

How to do forum posting:

  1. Login to forum posing website like Quora
  2. Sign up
  3. At the top side, you have space where you can post your question and hit enter
  4. Pick the relevant persons who can answer your question. The profile is based on how many answers they have given over the time in the same field
  5. You can log in with a different account and can answer the question and leave your link
  6. Always give a good descriptive answer (to generate upvote) and leave an attractive line (based on the keyword leave a target URL) at the end such that user should click on it

FYI: Quora also helps in a blog posting

2nd Example

  1. Website: forum.submitexpress.com
  2. Quick link – new post (topics will be based on your profile/field)
  3. List of topics will be listed
  4. You will see under each topic people have posted a question and answered them and leave their links there
  5. Pick the question relevant to your target URL
  6. Answer it and leave your link in the following format

The format of leaving a link: [url]target url[/url]

Is forum posting still useful in SEO:

Let’s spilt this topic into various sub-headings to get a better understanding regarding usefulness of forum posting:

1. Black Hat Spammers:

Initially, forum posting was the best place to generate do follow quality backlinks.

But the black hat spammers started taking this as grant and started spamming their links in each and every forum posting website. The result of which Google started paying little or no attention to the links earned from forum posting websites. They have also directed owner of forum posting website to make the links as no follow which are generated from forum posting.

2. SEO juice from Forum Posting:

The links that we generate from forum posting are no-follow links so they will add little value to your overall SEO rank. There are various high page ranked forum posting websites like Quora, Stack Exchange, Reddit which still enables you to earn links via forum posting but the same would be No Follow. However, it would still help you to maintain the equality between no follow and do follow links. In addition to this, they will help you to generate traffic if you are answering the questions asked on a forum based on your website content.

3. Value of Forum Post:

As we know forum posting website is more of social network where people of common interest gather and share their thoughts.

For example, if you own an SEO consultancy company then your target forum posts should be the area where people have asked questions related to SEO.

From there you can answer the query of different people and can increase your value which will definitely result in quality backlink, traffic, and revenue.

So, in short, we can say that Forum posting is not dead it is alive but you have to be an active member in your community to earn links, traffic which you can convert into revenue.

4. Strategy to picking correct forum posting websites:

You can divide your strategy into two parts:

  • Niche forum focusing on your area only (MOZ, Warrior forum etc.)
  • The general forum which would cover other areas as well (Quora, Reddit etc.)

Now the approach while doing forum posting should be in proving knowledge or gaining knowledge. Trust me you need not focus on advertising yourself, you automatically get popular if you become an active member of the website and started participating in every forum and giving quality information.

Every time when you write something to beware of that forum guidelines do not infringe them otherwise you will be banned. Your approach should pretty straightforward towards providing knowledge.

Initially try to participate in 4 to 5 forums and be active there, do make your profile there before posting anything.

Do not add a link in your signature it may spam out your profile. While answering the question, make your understanding clear and then give a detailed description of the answer.

This is all about Forum Posting, I hope it helps!

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