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Get Your IP Filtered and Blocked by Google Analytics

Google Analytics AND IP
IP Filtering by Google Analytics

Block Google Analytics counting your visit to your website

This may be little annoying for you that when you visit your website and analytics start counting it as 1 visit and more annoying factor could be if you are contributing to bounce rate of your website by not staying there for more time.

How to get rid of Google analytics counting your visit is to create a filter and block your IP, follow the below steps to get started:

  1. Visit website whatsmyip and fetch your IP.
  2. It will be in this format “”. Copy your IP and paste it in notepad
  3. Open Google Analytics account and Hit Admin
Google Analytics
Various Steps to follow for IP Filtering

Now you will be creating a Filter to block your IP to get counted as a new user visit

  1. Click on Filter option
  2. Add Filter
  3. Add a name to the filter
Final Steps for IP Filtering
  1. Filter type should be predefined
  2. Further set options to Exclude, traffic from the IP addresses, that are equal to
  3. Put your IP Address in the last box and Hit Save

Bingo you have excluded your IP to get counted as a user visit on your website and hence reduced Bounce Rate

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