Can H1 Tag be similar to Title Tag of your Website

Should Title & H1 tags be exactly the same? confused?

This is a topic that has sparked a huge debate in the past.

The major concern that was bothering the website owner:
If I set the Title tag of my website similar to what I have as the H1 tag will it affect my website Search Engine Ranking?

In my view, it should not negatively impact your website ranking because we generally give the H1 tag a line that corresponds to what is written in the article.

For example, in this article, I have given H1 Tag to the heading i.e. “Can H1 Tag be similar to Title Tag of your Website” and have set Title Tag as “Can I set Title tags as H1 Tag”.

Now if we carefully observe what I have basically done is that I have not made the title and H1 tag identical, but rather consistent or justified towards the content of the page

Let’s take another example to differentiate between identical and consistent text.

H1 Tag: Should Title & H1 tags be exactly the same?

Title Tag: Should Title and H1 Tag be identical?

Now if you again carefully observe, both the statements are consistent, not identical (by identical I mean completely the same).

Note: The crux of the matter is to focus on what works best for your site in terms of ranking and traffic.

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H1 Tag = Title Tag, Possible?

Let’s conclude the article by considering two important parameters:

  • Usability: If the title and headline are same it will help the user to better recognize your website and find it trustworthy
  • If in case title and headline differ too much it may lead to confusion. The users may leave your website without actually reading the content which will result in increased Bounce Rate
  • Keyword Prominence: You should use the same keyword in both Title and Headline simply because a single post could not contain 4 – 5 Keywords.
    If your page or post contains 4 – 5 keywords and content is less it simply means you are following the Black Hat SEO technique and it will cause serious damage to your website rank in long term.

Some useful ways to set a perfect Title and H1 Tag for your website post:

  • Use websites like, to generate a healthy title for your post
  • Use the same keywords for both Title Tag and H1 Tag (You can use Synonyms)
  • Do not over-optimize your website content by making the title, heading, description all similar
  • Do not make Title and H1 tags completely different otherwise it will lead to higher bounce rate

    So, this is it thanks for reading, comments are always welcome!

Can we set Title Tag similar to H1 Tag
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Can we set Title Tag similar to H1 Tag
I have set my title tag as H1 tag,, can we?
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