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Important Techniques under Off-Page SEO

What is Off-Page SEO and List Important Off-Page SEO Techniques

Earlier in the section, we have gained enough knowledge about SEO Optimization and now is the turn to get in-depth into the Off-Page SEO optimization technique. 

Off-Page SEO technique “Let’s bring the website to higher rank” via the promotional approach.

Off-Page SEO technique is a way to promote your website over the internet. When Google see your links on every platform it starts trusting you that yes it is a genuine website (unless you have spread spam links).

Now let’s jump into various techniques involve in SEO with complete details:

Your Focus: Now you will be promoting your website, keywords related to your content must be taken into consideration. List up the features of your website, advantage over other websites and many other approaches (self-driven) you can take while writing content or sharing any file (image, document etc.

Off-Page SEO Technique
Off-Page SEO technique

1 Shareable Content:

Now focus on creating a shareable content for advertising your website and post it on various mediums like Social media Platforms, social bookmarking website, Classified ads etc. The shareable content can be anything like infographics, audio, video etc.

2 Influencer Outreach:

If you might have created some article or blog which holds a high value, visit some website with high ranking and request them to publish your content on their website

3 Guest Author:

Various websites allow you to post as a Guest on their website, don’t miss the chance post a quality content and earn backlinks

4 Blog and Article Submission:

Blog is somewhat informal as we compare it with Article which should be strictly formal and informative. Both of them can help you in earning quality backlinks. Some of the website that allows you for Blog Posting: WordPress, blogger etc.

5 Business Listing:

This is a very important technique in Off-Page SEO. List your Business on various platforms like Google Business Listing etc. In business listing we need to verify our personal details like address, phone number etc. whereas in directory submission the process is different.

6 Directory Submission:

This is also a process of listing your business online on various platforms like http://www.247webdirectory.com, http://www.submissionwebdirectory.com The difference between directory submission and the business listing is that we need not verify our personal details while directory submission.

7 Classified Ads:

Put ads about services on various platforms like locanto, OLX etc. Remember do not put entire information there just an attracting point like 50% discount, free education etc. just a factor through which people click on the link that you have left with that ad and you get the traffic.

8 Social Bookmarking:

This is an approach where you save or bookmarked your link on various platforms that allow you to generate backlinks by leaving your website link on their website. Some of the top websites include: https://www.diigo.com, http://www.cheezburger.com

9 Social Media Optimization:

SMO is done on various social media platforms like facebook, twitter, myspace etc. which help you to create a quality backlink by posting an image, video, document etc. on their website and leave your link there.

10 Search Engine Submission:

Let’s take an example you are created a classified ad and try to run its URL on Google but Google displayed you a result saying “No Result Found”. This may happen because Google might not have crawled your uploaded content yet, so to remind Google or any search engine to crawl your content we paste out target URL in search engine submission websites like https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url

11 Press Release:

This is mostly done to aware customers regarding new upcoming in the website such that customer can get its benefit. Example of press release includes Amazon Diwali sale, Flipkart Independence sale etc. Some of the websites that help us to do press release include prnewswire.com, www.prlog.org.

12 Email Outreach:

This is the sector where people generally invest a very little time but if invested wisely can give you quality backlinks. The process is simply quick pick a high Domain authority and Page ranked website that might be similar to your own website and create a quality content for them and ask them if they can post it on their website and give you a backlink.

13 RSS Feeds:

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication is a process through which we update our visitors or client with the latest happening on our website. Generally when people subscribe to our newsletter, notification they get the automatic update in their email which is known as email subscription that is a different concept. Under RSS feed all the new topic of the website are listed on the website itself or user can click on the RSS feed symbol to check for new updates. Get more detailed information here.

14 Ping Submission:

This is a technique through which you ping search engine whenever there is a new update on your website such that the bots of the search engine can crawl your website. Generally, this practice is to avoid but if you want to follow this I am giving you the website link for the same Ping-o-Matic!, Blog and Ping Tool, CA App Synthetic Monitor website monitoring service, Ping your blog, feed, or podcast for free!

So, above are the few Of-Page SEO techniques that we should opt to promote our website on various platforms. More the promotion higher the visibility which will result in more visitors.

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