What you will learn:

At the end of the course you will be able to:


✔ Real life SaaS products

✔ Formal Definition & Scope in Job market

✔ Important Stats related to SaaS Industry

✔ SaaS in depth

✔ SaaS Vs. IaaS Vs. PaaS

✔ SaaS benefits for Job Seekers

✔ Business overview of SaaS Companies

✔ Job Roles & Salary Insights

✔ Top companies hiring actively

SaaS Industry for Job &Internship Seekers

SaaS products are the cloud based applications targets to ease & innovate the working operations in organizations. In this session, we will explore the SaaS industry for employment opportunities.


Passion to learn about job markets for a better future


SaaS stands for Software As A Service targeting to ease the working operation in any organization.

As this industry is common among job seekers for career opportunity, we will learn about this industry comprehensively.

 Typical salary ranges between 4L – 5L for freshers and keeps on increasing as one gain the experience.

In this course, I will share everything about SaaS from basic definition to practical application. Once we have the domain knowledge, we will understand the job market and various roles for which companies usually do the hiring.

As a bonus point I will guide a few of the students in providing job referrals in the SaaS industry.

So, what are you waiting for let’s book a webinar for your college to help students leverage the SaaS industry for jobs & internships.