India has reached a new peak of industrialization. Gone are the days where engineers and doctors were the only known professionals for corporate offices. We are now much more than that, and so should you be. And yet somehow, a large number of people aren’t aware of a majority of industries that function in this country.

Being more aware of such industries is only going to leverage us in many ways. Mentioned below are some.

Potential to outreach as per the current situation

Situations may change; unpredictability is certain. However, a wider understanding of the industry helps you go a long way. With the great boom of the food delivery industry, the knowledge about SaaS – software as a service, is in high demand. Expertise in SaaS is a coveted aspect of a resume. With the pandemic prevailing around the world, SaaS is also being implemented through Zoom meetings and other cloud-based services. With such worldwide influence of these sectors of industry, a niche knowledge base will only help you so far.

Advantageous in interviews

Interviewers and resume reviewers often look for the T-shaped model in an applicant. The vertical line in the ‘T’ stands for the depth of knowledge that one has about certain aspects of their skill sets which overlap with the job requirements. However, the horizontal line in the ‘T’ stands for reach that the applicant has. How much do they know of industries that are indirectly or directly connected to a certain industry? The reach gives you an added leverage against the other applicants as you possess a wide knowledge-base of possibilities for the company of one particular industry to tap on the other market. It gives you a wider scope for experimentation within the industry.    

Wider scope for application and betterment

Often pop-culture promotes that post-engineering or MBA do people go and seek their passion. And somehow their passion is never an overlapping interest with their job. For instance, multiple people leave their jobs to write. But seldom do people know that they can use their understanding of programming frontend to curate their blogs AND work on building their website from scratch. Great knowledge about unpopular industries or an intricate understanding of the internal work structure of the same can lead you to figure out your passion. It also gives you a scope for trying new things out within your area of expertise only for you to become better.

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