Top 20 Techniques under Off-Page SEO

Earlier in the section, we have gained enough knowledge about SEO Optimization. Now, let’s get in-depth Off-Page SEO optimization knowledge. 

This technique is a way to promote your website over the internet. When Google crawls your website links from various higher authority platforms, it creates a trust factor that yes; it is a genuine website (unless you have spread spam links).

Now let’s jump into various techniques involved in SEO with complete details:

Your Focus:

Prior to off-page SEO technique make sure you have done a strong keyword research which will ultimately help you in promoting links effectively. Your prime focus should be towards building high authority do-follow backlinks with a little mix of no-follow backlinks. 

Off-Page SEO Technique
Off-Page SEO technique

1 Off-Page SEO Techniques: Shareable Content​

Focus on creating shareable content to advertise your websites via various mediums like Social media Platforms, social bookmarking websites, Classified ads, etc. The shareable content can be anything like infographics, audio, video, etc.

2 Off-Page SEO Techniques: Influencer Outreach:

If you might have created some article or blog which holds a high value (unique and qualitative), outreach websites with Good DA & PA score via emails, social media platforms and request them to publish your content on their website.

DA: Domain Authority

PA: Page Authority 

3 Off-Page SEO Techniques: Blog Submission

You can adapt two approaches for this including creating your own high-quality blog or outreaching other bloggers for backlink purpose. 

Off-Page SEO Methods
Off-Page SEO Methods

Article Submission:​

Article submission off-page SEO technique helps you to earn quality backlinks from renowned websites like EzineArticles, etc. 

Learn more about Blog and Article Submission

5 Business Listing: Google My Business

This is a very important technique in Off-Page SEO. List your Business on various platforms like Google Business Listing, Yellow Pages, etc. For the business listing, we need to verify our personal details like address, phone number, etc.

6 Directory Submission:

In this listing process, we list our business online on various directory submission platforms like,

Learn the difference: Business Listing vs. Directory Submission

7 Classified Ads:

Put ads about your services on various platforms like locanto, OLX, etc. Do not put entire descriptions, just attractive points like 50% discount, freebies, etc will do the magic. 

Learn here: How to Post Ads

8 Social Bookmarking:

This is the approach where you save or bookmark your links on various platforms that allow you to generate backlinks by leaving your website link on their website. Some top websites include:,

Learn here: How to bookmark my website link

9 Social Media Optimization:

SMO stands for Social Media Optimization done on various social media platforms like facebook, twitter, myspace, etc. which help you in creating quality backlinks by posting an image, video, document, etc. on their website and leave your link there (don’t spam out).

10 Press Release:

We mostly do this to make customers aware of new events on the website such that customers can get the benefit. Examples of the press release include Amazon Diwali sale, Flipkart Independence sale, etc. Some websites that help in posting press releases are and

Grab more knowledge: How to rank using a press release

Best Off-Page SEO Techniques
Off-Page SEO Techniques

11 Email Outreach:

This is the sector where people invest a very little time but if invested wisely can give you quality backlinks. The process is simply to pick a high Domain authority and Page authority website that might be like your own website. After picking one, create a quality piece for them and ask them if they can post it on their website and give you a backlink.

Explore more: How to strategize email outreach

12 RSS Feeds:

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is a process through which we update our visitors or client with the latest events on our website. When people subscribe to our newsletter, notifications, they get the automatic updates in their email which is known as an email subscription, but that is a different concept. Under RSS feed, user get notified about new content on the website. Get more detailed information under How to subscribe to RSS Feed.

13 Forum Posting

This off-page SEO technique enables users to take part in popular forums like Quora, Stack Exchange to promote their website content by answering people’s queries. 

Check this out: Quora Answering Strategy

14. Guest Posting:

This technique favor both the transmitter and receiver. Only way writer (transmitter) get benefitted if write for high DA and PA website (receiver). 

Hot Topics: How to fetch the list of Guest Posting Website?

15. Document Sharing:

This technique enables us to share documents among different users and earn backlinks. Document can be in the form of images, word file, info-graphics, etc.

16.  Competitor Profile/Backlink Analysis

Well, using this technique we analyze competitor profile and check for relevant backlink sources from where we can earn quality do-follow backlinks. 

Learn More: Competitor Profile Analysis 

17. Blog Commenting:

This technique requires a lot of hard work and patience to earn backlink using blog commenting. Our guide on blog commenting will surely help you out with this. 

18. Hashtag Strategy

This requires quick research to find out the relevant tags where you can take part to boost your website presence.

Check out: My Hashtag Strategy

19. Reciprocal Links

Have you heard about link reversing this is what we will cover under this topic. Some say this isn’t authentic hence all up-to you to follow it or not. 

Check out here: Link Reciprocal

20. Paid Links

Last but not the least earn backlinks by paying a specific amount to another website. This falls under the black hat SEO but still followed by people to earn the backlink. 

Guide here: Paid Links and Strategy 

Hence, these were the few Off-Page SEO techniques we should opt to promote our website on various platforms. More the promotion higher the visibility which results more visitors.

Top 21 off-page techniques
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