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Instant Notification via RSS feed

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication.

RSS feed helps us to get notified of the latest update on a website without even visiting it.

News website can be taken as an example which gets updated half-hourly or hourly and its hard to grab all the news. So, to avoid missing any important update subscribe to its RSS feed.

The same is the case with an education website which keeps on updating its content weekly.

Subscribe to its RSS feed and never miss an important update

Need of RSS Feed:

What we usually use to do if we like a website we use to bookmark it in our browser.

What if we forget to browse that website for a specific day and an important update about an article missed.

RSS feed is the solution, apply to it and never missed an important update. 

If there is only one website that we use to follow then there are chances that we will not miss any update but to do the same would be hard if we follow 2 – 3 website.

The easy solution to keep track of all the update is to subscribe it via RSS feed, it is totally secure and does not require any of your personal information.

Benefits of RSS Feed:

  1. Full control over what to receive and what to not
  2. No Email subscription involved
  3. No spam, malware or spy attack.
  4. Get summary of all the latest happening on a single screen without even visiting the website

What is Feed Reader or RSS Reader

It is an agent (like feedly) which grab all the latest updated link on a website and present it on a single screen for your convenience. 

Types of RSS reader

  1. Web-Based Feed Reader: You will get live feeds on a website. Feedly a popular RSS reader enables its user to store the links category wise
  2. Desktop Based Feed Reader: This type will require a software installation on your system either Laptop/Desktop where you will get the latest update. One of the known software is Feed Reader.
  3. Browser Built-In Feed Reader: Some of the browsers supports live feed, eg, Firefox live bookmarks, Opera etc.
  4. Email based Feed-Reader: Some feed-reader enables to email you the link of the latest update on a website like Thunderbird, Google alerts etc.
  5. Mobile Reader: Just like desktop we have mobile feed reader as well like feedly, Flipboard etc.

Now let’s learn how we can create website notification alert using Google Alerts and Feedly.

Notification update using Google Alert

Google alert is a website which gives you free access to its platform in order to check for latest happening in a particular website.

Google Alert in SEO
Google Alert Feed Update

Steps to check for latest website happening using Google alerts:

  1. Type in Google “Google Alerts”
  2. Type the website name in the search bar as entered above
  3. Hit create alert
  4. A link to the URL will be displayed on your screen, click on the link to read the latest post
  5. An email alert for the same will also be sent to you

Although this tool is totally free but is limited in the feature, see the below description of Feedly RSS reader to learn more.

Website update using Feedly

We have both the versions available in Feedly i.e. Free and Paid we will be focusing only on the free version of Feedly where we are given the platform to categorize the website based on the area i.e. Technological Website, Education website, Sports website etc.

Now let’s read the step to bookmark a website in Feedly:

  1. Login with your Gmail, Facebook etc.
  2. Alternatively click on sing up and fill the form
  3. Create an account

After successful sign-up, below screen will be presented to you:

Feedly website notification
Screen Capture of RSS Feed Website

You can enter website URL, topic name, famous person name etc.

After clicking on the result it will ask you to categorize the result, click on news.

Categorization of website

As shown in the image, Times of India is now updated at your feedly screen, click on it and explore all the latest update by time of India on a single screen 

Features of Feedly:

  1. Mark as read the entire explored article
  2. You can unread the article as well to segregate it from others
  3. It will present you Headline, image, text and link to the source
  4. Save the news for later, share news etc.
  5. Time-saving and fast updates

Tip: In the search query of feedly you can search for a particular topic like android and can learn all the news/latest update website links

This is all about RSS feed reader via Google Alerts and feedly, I hope it helps!

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