Setup Google Webmaster (Google Search Console) Account

In today’s article, we will learn setting up Google Webmaster Account as follow:

  1. Introduction to Webmaster
  2. Steps to create Console Account 
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Link Google Search Console (Webmaster) with your Website

Google Webmaster, also known as Google Search Console, is a free tool provided by Google. It monitors your website performance and gives you some useful information to improve your website performance. So, in short, it is a Website Optimization Tool

In this article, we are going to cover everything that you need to know about Google Webmaster tools. Which is now referred to as the Google Search Console.

When Google crawls your website they give you, a report informing what they like and dislike about your sites. If you have an account, you can use this information to improve your Google Search Engine Result Page, referred as SERP.

Let’s take a closer look at the different sections of Google Webmaster tools so you know what each section is for, how you can benefit from that and how to use it.

Steps to create Search Console Account:

A: Create a Gmail Account

Link: Gmail

Set up Gmail
Creating Gmail Account

B: Sign in into Google Webmaster Account using the same Gmail Id created in Step 1

C: After successful Sign in, click on Add Property option

Adding Website

C: You will be seeing various options to verify that this website is yours, the simplest way to verify your account is either via HTML file verification or Google Analytics Account (Alternate Method)

Verify Method
Verifying Webmaster Account

D: Verifying account via Google Analytics

  1. Create a Google Analytics account (how to create, click here)
  2. You will be having a Tracking Code generated after creating an Analytics account
  3. Click on Alternate Methods of verifying website ownership on Webmaster. Select Google Analytics and hit Verify.
Google analytics
Verifying Webmaster Account using Google Analytics

Congratulations your Webmaster account is verified successfully. This is how you can set up a Google Webmaster account for your website.

Next Lecture : Learn how to use Google Webmaster

Set up Google Search Console Account
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Set up Google Search Console Account
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