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Social Bookmarking

Learn how to effectively bookmark your website on high PR Websites

As the heading suggests we will learn how to bookmark our website URL on other high Page Rank (PR) websites to increase our web presence to get position on Google Search results.


Backlinks via Social Bookmarking

Today’s learning:

  1. What is Social Bookmarking
  2. Importance of Social Bookmarking
  3. How to Bookmark a Link
  4. The various website where we can bookmark our target URL

What is Social Bookmarking?

Let’s split the term social + bookmarking means bookmarking your website on social platforms where there is a huge traffic of visitors.

Social platforms: Where the majority of people visits and interacts with each other.

Bookmarks: Saving a link of your website (your website URL) there to generate backlinks and traffic

Importance of Social Bookmarking for your website:

  • Building relevant incoming links
  • Draws visitors
  • Draws new clients or customers
  • Helps people find the business
  • Helps businesses find other businesses
  • Draws a lot of traffic

Note: Promote each URL of your website do not only focus on Home Page

Note: The submission should be in a proper way so that you blog always get free from any SEO penalties because I have already said that wrong SEO can ruin your blog ranking.

  1. Don’t do all the bookmarking on a single day
  2. Don’t focus only on a particular keyword

Steps to follow to do Social Bookmarking of your website:

  1. Pick the URL from your website whom you want to promote
  2. The URL must have a keyword associated with it, write a hilarious description related to that keyword
  3. Open any Social Bookmarking website like https://www.diigo.com, http://www.cheezburger.com
  4. Login or Register on the website (if asked)
  5. Click on Submit a link
  6. Enter the required information
  7. Click Submit
  8. Copy the generated URL and paste it into your excel sheet

Note: Always maintain an Excel record of every promotion that you do.

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