Rapido Or Bounce who will win?

Traveling for pleasure or commuting for work, you may feel inundated choosing between the plethora of bike rental and bike riding services. Similarly, when you are trying to figure out which business model seems more successful or lucrative, you would, probably, try to work out the various formulae? Why not look at a sort of ready reckoner that will ease your emotions and help you decide between the delightful dilemmas? Here, we have looked at the different parameters of the business models of Rapido and Bounce to infer the real winner.

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What They Offer

Operating in over 50 cities. Here, you have a driver with whom you share a ride

Dockless bike rental solution 


Database Of Customers

The customers are the daily commuters as well as those who look for convenience and affordability.

Daily commuters, as well as tourists in the city who are bike enthusiasts, opt for Bounce.


Ease Of Use (App Interface)

The App is absolutely simple to use and it comes in many local languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada apart from the usual English language.  

Bounce is a product of the Internet of Things (IoT) and is constantly updating itself with newer technology.

The app is user-friendly and it replaces the key of the bikes.


Revenue Model

Commission Based 

Charges depends on the distance covered, get detailed information here.


Customer Reviews

Though they are pocket-friendly but are not definitely reviews friendly. Good: Bad (40:60)

Mix reviews i.e. Good and Bad both (60:40)


Targeted Cities + Presence Hits

Rapido is based out of Bengaluru and has its presence in over 50 cities such as Hyderabad, Gurugram,

Rapido is planning on expanding its services to many other cities.

Based out of Bengaluru, Bounce is present in more than 10 cities including cities as Shravanbelogola, Hyderabad, Gokarna, and Manipal.


Subscription Discounts

Rapido has rolled out ‘Power Pass’ to make the commute more affordable and fun.

With Bounce, if you download the app, you can get a credit of Rs. 100/- It also compensates for refueling the vehicle.


Valuation + Investments

Rapido is looking to raise $75 million from Xiaomi, Shunwei Capital and others which would raise its valuation to around $300 to $350 million. As of now, it has been valued at Rs. 1091 Crore

Bounce is working on raising $150 million from B Capital and Accel Partners which would double its valuation to $500 million. The current valuation of Bounce is approximately $220 million.


Peoples’ Choice

Rapido has crossed the mark of over 10 million downloads with more than 50 million riders. It is rated 4+ on both the Google Play as well as the App Store.  

Bounce has close to 2 million customers in Bengaluru alone with more than 5 million rides. It has been rated 4+ on both the Google Play and the App Store.



Rapido has a tie-up with an Insurance company that safeguards the riders.

It has also partnered with Truecaller for auto registration.

Bounce has partnered with Swiggy in Ahmedabad and Indore on a pilot basis to pick-up and drop customers when the food delivery orders are low.


Sweet Spots

It takes care of both hygiene and safety by providing both a shower cap and helmet.

There is a speed tracking alert for the ‘captains.’

It has the option of Instant Redeem for its ‘captains’- one if its own kind.

It has at least 100 women ‘captains’.

25% of Bounce’s users are women. 

It decongests roads by encouraging people to use public transport at their own convenience.


Week Spots

It has run into many legal issues in cities like Coimbatore and Bengaluru.

It provides only a helmet and no shower cap.

Illegal parking by users can cause a nuisance to other commuters.


Future Plans

Rapido is planning to launch special and simplified features for visually challenged users using text-to-voice recognition.

Bounce is aspiring to convert its entire fleet into electric vehicles.


Recent News

Rapido is working to convert around 10% of its fleet into electric vehicles through eBikeGo- an electric two-wheeler rental platform.

Bounce has entered into a partnership with Bengaluru Railway Division to connect the first mile to the last mile.



Aravind Sanka; Pavan Guntupalli; Rishikesh SR

Mark Potter


Legal Name

Roppen Transportation Services Private Limited. However, it is commonly known as Rapido or Rapido Captian.

It’s marketed name holds it’s legal name.


Rapido and Bounce are in their own right making their presence felt and along with their loyal customers who believe in last-mile connectivity, these innovative entities are creating magic.     

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Rapido Vs Bounce Operation
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Rapido Vs Bounce Operation
Let's see who is winning between Rapido and Bounce
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