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In today’s lecture, we will understand how to Create Blogger Account. Besides this we will learn:

  1. Setting up your blog
  2. Best Blogging Platforms
  3. How to use blogger 
  4. Creating the first newbie post
  5. Publishing professional post

Setting up your First Blog:

The best way to learn anything is to learn by implementing it. Once you implement the things practically, then it gets stuck into your mind for a long time.

Let’s take a practical example here, India produces around 1.5 million engineers every year but only a few of them are actual engineers with quality skills.

What makes them different from others is they implement their knowledge practically on various platforms rather than just cramming the things and passing the exams.

Coming back to this website, if you just came here read the article and fly away then you will learn nothing.


Setup free blog

There is an urgent need to build up your blog and work on it, upload anything which you like. For example, you are passionate about electronic gadgets write on them; you are an aspirant to IIT, write about your journey till now.

Hence, Create Blogger Account and upload anything which you like and implement your SEO skills to bring your blog on the top search engine result page to earn revenue from it.

Best Blogging Platforms:

There are so many free blogging platforms available where you can create your own blog and experiment with your SEO knowledge.

  1. Blogger by Google
  2. WordPress create a blog
  3. Quora creates a blog, etc.

You can start from any of the mentioned platforms to build your blog, steps are simple.

Create Blogger Account:

  1. Visit
setup free blog
  1. Click on Create your blog
  2. Sign in your Gmail Account or create if you don’t have one
Set up free blog
  1. Confirm your profile by providing a display name, provide your actual name. We will give assign a name to your blog in the later steps.
Blogger Profile
  1. Click Continue to Blogger
  2. Now you are on the dashboard of your blogger, hit create a new blog
  1. Provide your blog a Title/Name relevant to the niche of your blog.
  2. The address will be the URL of your blog through which people will search about you. Make sure it resembles your title of the blog and avoid using any numeral character
  3. Pick any theme of your interest, all are free to grab
  4. Hit Create Blog
  1. In the next screen, it will promote you to purchase a custom domain from Google, hit “no thanks”

Custom Domains: The custom domains have your domain name along with an extension which gives you an edge while SEO. E.g.

Free Domain: The free domain is like where platform name would depend on the platform where you are creating the blog. In our case, it would be

We have successfully created our blog, click on create a new post to get started.

How to use blogger:

Now we have our newly created blog, below is the snapshot of the dashboard of our blog.

Elements of the Blogger Dashboard:

  • View Blog: When you click on this option it will redirect you to the user end view of your blog.
  • Post: This section will list all the blog post you have created to date
  • Stats: You can monitor your user activity using this option.
  • Overview: Get data related to Pageview, followers, etc.
Free Blogger Created

Posts: Get data on how your individual post is performing over the internet

Traffic Sources:

This will tell you the source of your traffic i.e. referral, direct, organic, etc.

  • Referral: This means someone clicks your blog link from another platform
  • Direct: Someone directly enters your blog URL on the address bar to visit your site
  • Organic: Someone searched you over the google and visit your site

Audience: This options talks about Pageview and categorize them into by country, browsers, operating system, etc.

Comments: This is important, engaging people via discussion is the best way to generate traffic to your blog.

We have further three options here:

  • Published: Comments we approve and live on the blog
  • Awaited Moderation: Comments that are seeking our approval to get live on the blog
  • Spam: People try to leave their website link in the comment section to earn spam backlinks which is not relevant to us. Hence it’s better to delete them and put them under spam category

Earning: Once you have a regular visitor of 500–700 then you can get easy approval of Adsense and earn via this platform

Pages: You can create separate pages here for Home, About Us, Posts Related, Contact Us, etc.

Layout: It defines the structure of your website i.e. favicon, header, footer, etc.

Theme: This section is very important and makes sure you make none experiment here. This is the backend coding of your blog theme.

Customize: You can customize the theme here or upload a new theme if you have one downloaded from the third party website.

Most Important Section

Settings: Various setting option available here which help you to set up your blog effectively.

Free Blog by Blogger

Basic Setting includes:

  • Title: Name of your blog, you can edit it from here
  • Description: A one or two liner description about your blog
  • Blog Address: URL of your blog
  • HTTPS Redirect: Make it, yes to enhance the security of your website
Free Blog by Blogger

Post, Commenting and Sharing: From here you can control who can share your content, comment on it and other important details

  • Email: Here you can set email and received blog notification on the same
  • Language and formatting: This enables you to set the default language of your blog, time zone, and other important settings

Search Preference: This section is important for search engine visibility. It enables you to set Meta Tags, Robots.txt file and other important details

Setup free blog

Imp: Provide description related to your blog posts

  • Under Crawler and Indexing set Robots file enable

Others: It includes the option back up your blog, delete it, etc.

User Setting: It includes the User Profile and Language option

How to create the first blog post: Create Blogger Account 

Now we have a good piece of knowledge about the dashboard of the blogger and we are familiar with its functionality.

Let’s create our first blog post to get started:

  1. Sign in your Gmail account and visit your blogger account (Admin View)
  2. Click on New Post
Free website by blogger
  • Make sure you have a post ready to publish. Post ready means you have prepared a fully exhaustive and competitive article.
  • Copy and Paste the article
  • Give it an attractive and relevant title
  • Below is an example of a poor representation of an article, let’s fix this and present it in a more user-friendly manner.

Creating an Effective Blog Post

 You have pasted the article on the provided interface, now let’s present it in a more effective way.

  1. Assigning Heading:

Provide your main title H1 tag or Heading tags.

  1. Give your Heading an appropriate Font Size

Font size is decided by the Heading structure, if not then you need to assign a proper font size to the heading

free website by blogger
  1. Assign Subheadings:

Proper heading structure is must hence make the best use of Subheadings, minor headings, etc.

setup blogger
  1. Insert Image:

Images are helpful in attracting user attention, insert some. Provide it a proper caption under properties give it a proper alt text (keyword) and title

Wait, don’t post the article, we haven’t covered all the sections yet!

blogger blog

Post Setting: 

  • Labels: It helps you to define the category of your post. You must have a definite category where it falls which will help in building strong permalinks
free blog setup
  • Schedule: You can publish your post right now or schedule it for a later time
  • Permalink: It is the complete URL of your post. Permalink must apply to your post title
setup free website

Search Description: A short meta description for your post which user read on a search engine result page

Options: You can control options like whether you would like others to comment on your post and other important settings.

Custom Robots Tags: Let it be default we already set it under the dashboard settings option

This was the final step, now we are good to publish or preview the post.

Make Money from Blog:

When you have a good amount of posts on your blog with a decent amount of traffic, you can switch to the custom domain name and can buy a premium theme for your blog to make it more responsive and effective.

Enable the Earning option from the Blogger Dashboard section and enable advertisement on your blog from Google Adsense.

Do not enable earning option:

Before enabling the earning option make sure you have around 60+ post on your blog and a regular visitor of 500+ then only this will help others, you may lose your keeping visitors because of advertisement.

Create a free website: WordPress Enabled Website 

Making free Google Blogger Account
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Making free Google Blogger Account
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