W3C Validation

We have covered Robots.txt and Sitemap and in today’s lecture we will discuss “W3C Validation” and other important aspects:

  1. What is W3C Validation
  2. Role
  3. SEO View
  4. Conclusion 

What is W3c Validation for Search Engine Optimization (SEO):


W3c stands for World Wide Web Consortium is an organization responsible for setting the standard for a website to run over the internet.

Role of W3c Validation:

It is the responsibility of Website Developer to build the website codes as per the W3C validation, the advantage of this comes handy because if your website is W3C validated then it will smoothly run in every platform i.e. Web Browser and operating system.

If the website if not W3C validated then there are some chances that the browser may misbehave while opening or browsing your website.

W3C Validation Standard
W3C Validation Standard

SEO View on W3c Validation:

Great Content:

This is a common perception in every SEO expert mind that if your website holds great content and is fulfilling users need with its content then it will automatically rank high on search engine results because major giants like Google, Amazon, Twitter do not put more emphasis on W3C validation.

Tip: Google can anytime bring an update to W3C validation important so my advice will be to take it seriously and take some necessary action in this regards.

In the end, I will suggest you to use W3C validator tool to make your website W3C friendly.

Here is the link for the tool: validator.w3.org


W3C validation is important for your website because it has been set by experts from different industries, yes I know Google is not putting up more emphasis on it but you never know what will be the new update from Google.


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