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Website Analysis using Google Analytics 

Inspecting Website: Google Analytical Tool

This is a real quick tutorial on how to analyze your website performance using Google Analytics. I will be covering only the important aspect of Google Analytics here to give you an overview of important sections. 

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Google Analytics
Google Analytics

Brief About Google Analytics Tools:

  • Audience Overview: You can check how many peoples are visiting your website
  • Graph: Shows Returning Vs New visitors
  • Statistics: Shows various stats based on various tech terms (bounce rate, unique visitor etc.)

Imp: Bounce rate should be less, session duration and new visitor should be high

  • Demographics: It shows you the trends country wise, the language they speak, gender etc.
  • Technology: You can check for browser they are using
  • Mobile: Desktop vs mobile vs tablet (Site used be mobile friendly)

Devices: Which phone they are specifically using i.e. Android, Tablet etc. 

  • Acquisition: Following important parameters are covered under acquisition: 

A. It will tell you in-detail where your visitors are coming from i.e. (these all are channels) organic search, directly, social, referral etc.

B. (Scroll Down) Under social you can explore from which social platform they are coming from

  • Behavior:

A. What pages our visitors are looking at / interested in (can be sorted date wise)

B. / – Slash symbol symbolizes Homepage

C. Page views high means visitors coming back that’s great

D. Behavior overflow: Once they are on your site then where they are going and from where they are getting exit

E. (Scroll own) See what is the main page that visitors are viewing (under view option). This will give you chance to improve your other pages and spend more time on the maximum  visited pages


  • The audience = Who is Looking at your website
  • Acquisition = How they are coming to your website
  • Behavior = What they are doing on your website

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