White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is the guidelines which we must follow to sustain our website rank on the top Google Search result for quite a long time. In today’s article, we will learn White Hat SEO and various guidelines which one must follow for website optimization. 

Website Optimizing Technique: White Hat SEO

White hat SEO is a type of SEO which follows search engine guidelines and gives you proven results i.e. it brings your website at a higher rank of search engine result page.

Although it is a bit time consuming when using along with On-Page and Off-Page SEO but the results achieved through this will give you long-term benefit or stability.  

Today we will learn:

  • Prerequisite for White Hat SEO
  • Various White Hat SEO techniques in detail
  • Conclusion
White Hat SEO Methods
White SEO Techniques

Prerequisite for White Hat SEO

  1. You have done Keyword Research for your website
  2. You have created quality content for your website
  3. All the backlinks to your website are genuine
  4. Writing content for users instead of search engines

White Hat SEO Techniques:

Keyword research and strategy:

The keywords that you are using for your website should match its content. There should be a proper ratio between your keyword and content. If you want more knowledge about how to do proper keyword research and implementation click here.

Site Optimization:

The site optimization via On-Page or Off-Page techniques must be done following search engine guidelines for SEO.


As explained earlier all the backlinks that you create for your website should come from genuine websites. There should not be any paid links involved. Any link from a low-ranking website or spam website is also considered as a bad link.

Best way to generate backlinks is to analyze your competitor backlinks through tools like Link Explorer which can help you understand where you should create your backlinks

white hat seo techniques
White Hat SEO Methods

Create quality Content:

Always keep in mind whenever you are writing something on your blog or website you are writing it in a way where you are solving the queries of your reader by providing them with knowledge about the topic for which they have come to your website.

Providing irrelevant information may increase your bounce rate and force the search engine to outrank you from its search results.


I hope that by now you might have understood the importance and advantages of White hat SEO. This technique may consume a lot of time to bring your website to a higher rank. But once it comes at higher rank it will remain there for a long period of time, provided it was done correctly.

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White Hat SEO
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White Hat SEO
Let's list down all the good SEO techniques which give us great value when implemented properly.
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